Colema Board Setup Diagram

Colema Board Setup

The Colema Board® is usually set up in the bathroom by placing the evacuation end (splashguard) over the toilet and the other end over a stool or chair. Please note: the Deluxe Colema Board does not require as much assembly as the original. The bucket is placed on a counter near by, or on the tank of toilet. Another option is to place both ends of the board over five gallon buckets, so that the Colema® may be taken anywhere.

A diagram of this setup may be viewed below, or on our video demonstration (an instructional video is included with each Colema Board®).

diag1 diag2

A. Colema Board® J. Disposable plastic tip
B. Evacuation end of Board K. *
C. Splashguard L. *
D. * M. *
E. Head area of board N. Handgrips
F. * O. Carry handle
G. Hole in Splashguard P. “U” shaped tube
H. 3 inch tubing Q. Clamp
I. “L” shaped tube R. 5-Gallon (19 liter) Bucket


Aside from the Board (and included tubing assembly and tips) and a 5 gallon bucket (or a similar container), you may want to obtain some extra items to make your Colema® experience more comfortable and relaxing:

Comfort Pad - placed on the Board and provides cushioning for your back while you take your Colema (which take about 45 minutes to 1 hour). May be purchased from our Colema Board® Distributor's or obtained at baby stores (bassinet pad).

Lubricant - KY-Jelly® or a lubricant salve to apply to the rectal tip for easy insertion (do not use petroleum products as they will clog the holes of the tip).

Colandar - to place in the toilet before taking the Colema® so that you can see what material comes out (a kitchen accessory).

Towel & Pillow - A towel may be placed on the board (where you will lie or over the comfort pad). A pillow may be placed at the head end of the board to provide extra support and comfort.

Reading Materials - A book or magazine may be read while on the Board if you so choose. (Optional)

Candles & Music - To give a calm relaxing atmosphere to your Colema experience, you may add a few candles and soft, relaxing music in the background.

For a full demonstration of the above, please view our online Instructional Video.


We suggest using only purified water (as opposed to tap or municipal sources). Here are some suggestions for purifying your water for the Colema® procedure:

  • BOIL: Bring several gallons of water to a boil and let cool down before using.
  • FILTER: A home water filter or purifier may be used.
  • You may also purchase a 5 gallon container of purified water and heat half and mix with the other half. Comfortable to body temperature.
  • FILLING YOUR BUCKET: You can fill your bucket by using some of the following suggestions:
    • Shower Extension
    • Pitcher
    • Fill bucket in tub and lift to position. (Do not attempt if you are weak.)


  • RECTAL TIPS TUBING: Tubing assembly that comes with each Colema Board
    • Plastic tips are disposable (designed for one use only).
    • Stainless Steel Tips are reusable and may be cleaned with a bleach and water solution, germicidal solution and/or boiled to sterilize.
    • The tubing may be cleaned with a bleach and water solution, then rinsed with fresh water.  It is important to hang to dry for several hours before storing.
  • BOARD:
    • Gently wipe the surface areas of the board with your choice of cleaning solution:
      1. A bleach and water solution
      2. Germicidal cleaner
      3. A natural disinfectant cleaner
    • The comfort pad (included with the Deluxe Board - available for purchase separately) may be cleaned with similar solutions as noted above.
    • We do NOT recommend submersing the Boards in a tub filled with water.
    • We do NOT recommend abrasive cleaners.

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