Deluxe Colema Board Home Enema Kit (Granite)

Deluxe Colema Board Home Enema Kit (Granite)
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Product Description

The Deluxe Colema Board® Home Enema Kit, Features: A tubing assembly, TWO disposable tips, a syringe for starting the siphon, a comfort pad and a FREE Instructional Video, produced by Colema Boards® of California.

The Deluxe Board is:

1) It is 18 inches wide for comfort

2) It is made of durable high-impact plastic

3) It is easy to set up (comes with set up video)

4) It is simple to clean up.

5) Convenient board length (44") suits most bathrooms.

6) This product is endorsed by Bernard Jensen, Victor Irons, Daniel Reid and almost every health professional that endorses enemas and cleansing for health.

7) This product is made with pride in the United States of America ensuring quality unsurpassed anywhere else in the world.

*Helpful hint* watch out for low quality "knock offs" or cheap reproductions of the Colema Board®. One example is a company that sells a rejected Colema Board® design. It was rejected because of the lack of comfort and shallow splash guard. It would splash back on the user.

Another individual claims to have the actual Colema Board® products however they only sell a cheap imitation that draws many complaints from its users. Make sure you ask if the words Colema Boards® are in the molded plastic at the head of the product. Only true Colema Board products will have this trademark.

A Colema Board® is much more effective than an enema bag.

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