Victor Earl Irons was born in 1895 in West Virginia, USA. He graduated from Yale University in 1919. At the age of 40 he was stricken with severe ankylosing spondylitis, more commonly known as Marie Strumples disease, (an arthritic condition), and he turned to natural approaches in desperation. He became a student of health and expended time, money and energy towards developing something which was in total harmony with Natural Law. This search led him to believe that in order to regain vibrant health, detoxification was the first step.

The pioneer nutritionist and friend, Dr. Royal Lee, was instrumental in having Mr. Irons and Harold Pratt of Kansas City, Missouri introduce the use of cereal grass products in 1953. Greenlife became the trademark name for those organically grown cereal grasses and the first "green food" dietary supplement.

Mr. Irons research led him to develop the "7 Day Cleanse." The "7 Day Cleanse" is one of the first Detoxification and Rebuilding programs in the USA and is still one of the most favored among health practitioners today. V. Earl Irons started a second family at the age of 72 and fathered 3 children. The last child, he fathered at the age of 80. He passed away at the age of 98. V. Earl Irons's family continues the tradition and philosophies he set forth over 54 years ago. His ideals and teachings are also carried on by the many devoted Distributors and followers from around the world who have experienced his cleansing and rejuvenation program.

The following are experiments done using Greenlife and are for those of you with an inquiring nature. Pertinent condensed notes on experiments and clinical studies on:

  1. VIT-RA-TOX #22 GreenlifeŽ, #21 GreenlifeŽ Fortified, and #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder (3 experiments).
  2. VIT-RA-TOX #16 Detoxificant (4 experiments).
  3. VIT-RA-TOX Seven Day Cleansing Program (1 experiment).

The following experiments were carried out by a number of different sources. All of the scientific evidence presented in the following pages seems to corroborate very well, indicating the validity of each experiment.

The first three experiments (I-III) test the ability of GreenlifeŽ, eaten by various animals, to provide an enhanced immune response to different pathogens, when already fed an acceptable and "perfect" Laboratory Diet. GreenlifeŽ is the extracted and dried juices of the Cereal Grasses: barley, oats, rye, and wheat. These Cereal Grasses have been the only source of food for cattle, horses, bison, and other herbivorous land-based mammals since the beginning of time. The Cereal Grasses are a complete and perfect food (in and of themselves) which supply all of the known and unknown vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and co-factors necessary for mammalian life. These experiments show that even though the scientific community considers the Laboratory Diet perfect by their standards, Nature tells us that there is something man is missing in his analysis! Something only Nature can provide. We should all take heed and realize that although we may strive for the best sources and qualities of foods, in today's society of mass-produced foods there is still something lacking from our food sources.

One experiment (IV) shows the efficacy of the VIT-RA-TOX Seven Day Cleansing Program in relieving symptoms of internal toxification; such as constipation, headaches, sluggishness, depression, and indicanuria (toxicity). The Cleansing Program promotes fasting for seven days (Nature works in units of 7), in conjuction with natural, internal intestinal cleansers and colonic irrigation. There are no herbs used in this program except for the initial use of an herbal laxative as a catalyst for the cleansing process. The program mainly relies on natural, concentrated, whole foods to sustain nutrition during the cleanse. The fact that no digestion takes place means that the digestive organs of the body are allowed time to recuperate from the onslaught of food and food combinations that one normally eats. While the passage of food through the body is halted, internal cleansing works to eliminate and regenerate the alimentary canal.

The end result is a removal of accumulated fecal matter and toxins from the body, and a rebuilding of the nutritional quality of the bloodstream. For more information, see the Seven Day Cleansing Program instruction sheet and The Destruction of Your Own Natural Protective Mechanism - by V.E. Irons.

Four experiments (V-VIII) deal with absorptive power of our specially processed Bentonite clay, #16 Detoxificant. We remove all of the dirt, mica, impurities, and inert substances from the clay solution, leaving only the active component, montmorillonite. Montmorillonite is the molecule that gives Bentonite its absorptive powers. By removing all of the other impurities, we are left with a concentrated and potent absorptive solution.

By absorptive we mean "adhering to the surface of...", much like a magnet. In fact, montmorillonite is shaped like a flat magnet with its flat surfaces negatively charged. This allows it to adhere (like a magnet) to positively charged particles. In reference to the following experiments, the montmorillonite actually adheres to the plasma membrane of the bacteria, causing its removal from the solution when the montmorillonite is removed. Our special Bentonite clay solution even adheres a most-elusive gram positive organism, Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for "Staph infections" in hospitals. This bacteria does not respond well to antibiotic treatments, but does respond well to Detoxificant. For more information on our Detoxificant, see History of Uses of Bentonite, The Value of Bentonite for Diarrhea, and Our Bentonite Products.

V. E. Irons, Inc. has been in business for over 50 years and continues to help people maintain and regain vibrant health, nutritionally.

Experiment I: on GreenlifeŽ.

An in vitro experiment (meaning in the laboratory - not in a live animal).

Performed by a Veterinarian interested in nutrition - Unofficial - not acceptable by "officialdom" because a veterinarian is not an acceptable scientist.

A. Purpose:
To test the resistance of animal cell culture against virulent disease when the culture solution included VIT-RA-TOX #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder.

B. Method:

  • A kidney was quickly removed from the embryo of a new born calf. The kidney was then cut into various pieces and immersed in a solution developed by Dr. Alexis Carrel who kept the heart of a chicken alive for 27 years in such a solution. The life of a chicken is only 7 to 8 years. The theory is that if the intake and elimination are both perfect the tissue can live forever. The old solution was replaced with fresh every 48 hours. This ensures perfect elimination and perfect intake.
  • After 12 days all tissue cells were living and growing. They were then divided into 2 groups - one being fed #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder added to the regular solution, the other the solution only.
  • After 5 days the cells receiving the #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder were 50% more numerous and 33 1/3% larger than those without the #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder.
  • Challenge: The tissue of both groups were then infected with a special virus which is highly virulent in bovine kidney tissue.

C. Results:
  • After 48 hours the cells without #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder were 100% affected and dead. Those fed #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder were only 25% affected. Seventy-five percent (75%) survived the shock and became healthy again.
  • The live virus was recovered from the controls for future use, but no live virus was recovered from the tissue fed the GreenlifeŽ - all had been killed by the more healthy tissue.

D. Conclusion:
The #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder provided reserved vigor, lasting protection and resistance to the virus disease in vitro.

E. Summary: To remember...
  • Tissue Culture - Not fortified with #23 GreenlifeŽPowder. All cells were killed by the infective bacteria. The bacteria lived, multiplied, and were recovered for future use (this bacteria is expensive so recovery is important).
  • Tissue Culture - Fortified WITH #23 GreenlifeŽ Powder. One fourth (25%) died - the other three-fourths (75%) killed the bacteria and continued to grow and live healthfully. No bacteria were recovered.
  • This result is highly significant, actually making scientific history for it has been considered a scientific fact and testified to by government witnesses in Federal Courts that "whenever there is a struggle between bacteria and tissue (they) insist that in all cases the number of organisms always determines the outcome." Here we have a perfect diet, one that continues life forever, if the intake and elimination is continued, and as expected the germs won the battle over the tissue receiving the perfect diet. Yet, when the GreenlifeŽwas given, something above and beyond a perfect diet was furnished. With the same number of organisms, instead of the perfectly healthy tissue being killed the GreenlifeŽwon the battle and the tissue killed the organisms.

This is further verified in the next two experiments.

Experiment II: on GreenlifeŽ in vivo (meaning in the animal body).

Experiment made by a Veterinarian - Unofficial - not accepted by "officialdom" because he is not an M.D. nor does he have an acceptable scientific background.

A. Purpose:
To prove the increased nutritional resistance offered by VIT-RA-TOX #22 GreenlifeŽin preventing infection of Leptospira bacteria in guinea pigs.

B. Method:

  • 30 Guinea Pigs were used - divided into 2 groups of 15 each, one group was fed the regular complete and Laboratory Diet and the other fed the same diet plus #22 GreenlifeŽ tablets for 30 days.
  • Both groups of 15 each were then divided into two groups of 8 and 7 each.
  • The groups of 8 each (one fed Laboratory Diet and the other fed Laboratory Diet plus #22 GreenlifeŽ), were then fed Leptospira - a most deadly bacteria which is spirally shaped like a corkscrew. In 3 days both groups were fed approximately 1,000,000 organisms per animal, per day.
  • The groups of 7 each were both injected with 250,000 organisms of the same virulent Leptospira bacteria.
Notice: Both groups of 8 were fed the organisms, while the groups of 7 were injected with the organisms.

C. Results:
  • Of the 8 NOT Fortified with #22 GreenlifeŽ and fed the 1,000,000 organisms per day - 5 died in 4 days, the remaining 3 lingered alive but were violently ill for a couple weeks. Upon being fed the #22 GreenlifeŽ they eventually recovered.
  • Of the 8 Fortified WITH #22 GreenlifeŽand fed the 1,000,000 organisms per day - 3 showed moderate symptoms for 2 days, the other 5 remained entirely free of symptoms. All recovered and continued entirely well - with no after effects.
  • Of the 7 Not Fortified with #22 GreenlifeŽ and injected with 250,000 organisms - all died in 3 days.
  • Of the 7 Fortified WITH #22 GreenlifeŽ and injected with 250,000 organisms - 1 died in 4 days, 6 completely recovered in 3 days.

D. Summary: To remember...
15 Guinea pigs fed Laboratory Diet only.
8 Fed Leptospira bacteria - a deadly germ - 5 died, 3 very ill but recovered when fed #22 GreenlifeŽ.
7 Injected with Leptospira bacteria - all died.
15 Guinea pigs fed Laboratory Diet plus #22 GreenlifeŽ.
8 Fed Leptospira bacteria - all lived.
7 Injected with Leptospira bacteria - 1 died, 6 lived.

Here again the perfect Laboratory Diet did not protect and the germs won. But with the same number of germs the animals fed the #22 GreenlifeŽ won out. This is not just the feeding of a dietary supplement. This is a life and death struggle with the #22 GreenlifeŽ victorious.
Although this work is not recognized by the "official" scientific community, its results are no less valid. In science, the credibility of an experiment comes from its ability to be reproduced. The next experiment was performed by an accredited Laboratory and confirms the results obtained by this Veterinarian.

Experiment III: on GreenlifeŽ in vivo.

Performed by an accredited and acceptable scientific laboratory.

A. Purpose:
To prove the greater vitality and resistance power afforded by VIT-RA-TOX #22 GreenlifeŽ and #21 GreenlifeŽ Fortified.

B. Method:

  • 120 mice used - all fed an already acceptable complete Laboratory Diet:
    • 40 fed Laboratory Diet only.
    • 40 fed Laboratory Diet plus #22 GreenlifeŽ for 30 days prior to challenging. 3. 40 fed Laboratory diet plus #21 GreenlifeŽ Fortified for 30 days prior to challenging.
      (Test showed very little difference between #22 and #21 so average of the two were used in the graph.)
  • Challenge: Pneumococcus bacteria (pneumonia) were injected into all mice.
  • Prior to start of experiment it was ascertained that 500 Pneumococcus organisms were necessary to kill 50% of animals fed regular Laboratory Diet leaving 50% alive (a value known as LD50).

C. Conclusion:
Heretofore, science has maintained that if animals or man were being fed an accepted, complete diet then no supplement could show beneficial effect. This experiment proved that GreenlifeŽ offers increased nutritional resistance in a life or death struggle.
Note that it took only 1,200 organisms to kill all Laboratory Diet mice. But, it took over 50% more (or 1,850) organisms to kill the mice whose Laboratory Diet was fortified with GreenlifeŽ (see E. & G.).
Furthermore, as the number of injected organisms increased, the percent of protection of GreenlifeŽ also increased greater in proportion. At 500 organisms the difference in percent of survivals was only 10% (A. & B.), but at 1,000 organisms the difference was 17%, and at 1,200 organisms the difference was 20%. Stated differently, when all Laboratory Diet mice were dead, 20% of those fortified with GreenlifeŽ were still living.

Here again, we have a case where a perfect diet was being fed. A perfect diet is meant one which produces large and frequent litters with no abortions or early deaths among the young, where generation after generation have no illness. Even with this perfect diet the organisms killed all the animals leaving 20% of those on GreenlifeŽ still living and so virile that it took an addition of over 50% more organisms to kill all those using GreenlifeŽ.

It should be noted that this is not just the addition of another food supplement to help overcome some minor deficiency. This is a life and death struggle with survival definitely on the side of GreenlifeŽ.